Combined Service

The Assemblies of God churches in each province meet several times a year for a combined Sunday afternoon worship service. The first one this year for Shefa province was held today at the Assembly of God church in Mele village. The church was packed and many people were sitting on the lawn outside the building. There is no problem hearing as island churches are very open and the Mele church building is still under construction and there are no windows or doors yet. The window sills were also used to seat people. Pastor Johnny Lava came from Tanna to preach and many choirs from around Efate island sang. This is always a good time to give literature and church materials to pastors working in remote areas. One pastor filled his briefcase with the new Pentecostal Evangel in Bislama for his church members – to get home he will have a 40 minute bus ride and then a 3 hour walk.

Pastor Waris of Mele Inside Mele church Overflow crowd outsideSitting in the windows and outside

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