Friends Are Friends Forever

FriendsMadelin, Lori, ChristinaLinette Royal Rangers

Recently at church, I saw some very special friends from the past. They all attended the church my parents pioneered on the island of Santo, in northern Vanuatu, in the 1970’s.

Linette, on the left above, was a little girl in Sunday School back then. The black and white photo to the left shows her with the first Royal Ranger troop in Santo in 1975. She is now a young grandmother and secretary at the Vanuatu AG national church office here in Port Vila. 

The second lady from the left in the recent photo, is Madelin. We used to sing together in a girls’ quartet and have not seen each other since our teenage days in Santo. The photo upper right shows us together in 1977 with Christian, another church friend.

The lady beside me is also called Madeline and she is the auntie of another childhood friend. It is wonderful to find these dear friends again and especially to find them at church!

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